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    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Valve bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Medicine bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Zip lock bag
    Food grade new LDPE materials-
    Tough firm and can be used repeatedly-
    More environmentally friendly
    The international authority of the
    certification bags-High quality
    Class advanced intelligent large-scale equipment-
    Large capacity
    Lock nutrition, but also your health-
    Sealing performance
    Bulk purchase of raw materials, fine and efficient
    management-To help you
    Selection of high-quality raw materials manufacturing
    and we can provide custom processing
    and retail
    Hot key words
    Mei Xiang--professional manufacturer of ziplock bags
    12 years we are committed to a variety of materials sealed bags,
    zipper bags, shopping bags and other products of research and development and innovation
    Strong production strength
    Large capacity, variety, complete specifications, quality, price advantage
    • Covers an area of 21 acres
    • Machinery and equipment more than 50 Taiwan
    • Blown film, printing, bag-stop production
    • Anhui 's largest production base of plastic Zifeng Dai
    Complete qualification
    The company is certified by Bureau Veritas
    • Bureau Veritas
    • SGS:ISO 9001- 2008International quality management system certification
    • QS production license
    Every year we'll be appraised as "financial and trustworthy enterprise"by An Qing
    • Financial and trustworthy enterprises
    • Credible Enterprises
    • Tongcheng Electronic Commerce Association
    Enterprises with 30 utility model patents, two patents for inventions
    • Utility model patent certificate - a device to adjust the base of the mixer
    • Certificate of invention patent - a kind of packing material
    • Certificate of Inventions - A Biodegradable Water Film for Sandy Soil
    Environmental protection material
    Featured high-quality raw materials manufacturing
    • Low-carbon process, environmental safety
    • Non-stupid solvent residue, non-toxic and more secure
    • Food grade 100% LDPE new raw materials non-toxic, more at ease
    Factory direct sales
    Source of supply, direct hit origin, primary supply
    • All of our products can provide customized processing, product specifications models can be produced on demand, according to customer demand printed LOGO
    Meixiang-professional manufacturer of ziplock bags

    Anhui Meixiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.is located in Huadong Plastic Town of Tongcheng City, close to G206 (1180-1181km section of He-An Road). It is domestic production base of plastic zipper storage bag. Our plant was constructed in 2005, covering 21mu. There are more than 50 sets of equipments and machines. Our company is leading company of ziplock bag and zippered bag in Eastern region. In past years, we focus on research and innovation of various plastic ziplock bags, strictly control product quality to build brand image. Nowadays we have professional technology and brand popularity. Main products are concave-convex button ziplock bag, zippered bag, valve bag, PE film, non-woven bag and shopping bag. “Meixiang” brand is popular among users due to stable quality. Recently we increase investment in field of intelligent automation equipment, introduce new material and promote new technology to upgrade products, in order to improve product competitiveness...

    • Add: Huadong Plastic Town, Xindu Town, Tongcheng, Anhui, China
    • Tel: +86-556-6982999
    • Contact: Yang Xuemei
    • Q Q:3307933378 , 2094720018
    • Mobile: +86-13866092168 , +86-15357059788
    • Fax: +86-556-6982999
    • E-mail: sales@ahmxsy.com
    • Website: www.dvhauntedwoods.com

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